Catching & Selecting Pokémon

So you’ve got your starter Pokémon and started to level it up, but you’d like to catch other Pokémons too? If you hadn’t already noticed, once you add Pokébest to your server random Pokémon(s) will begin to appear as you chat. These messages will show a picture of the Pokémon as well as a message saying “A wild Pokémon has appeared! Guess the pokémon and type p!capture <pokémon> to catch it!”. When a Pokémon spawns, it is up to the user to correctly guess the Pokémon’s name and be the first one to type p!capture <pokémon> If you’re unsure of the pokémon, you can always get a hint with the p!hint command. After catching a Pokémon, you’ll notice that using the p!info command still displays your starter Pokémon. This is because Pokébest only allows you to select one Pokémon at a time. The Pokémon that you have selected is very important as it determines which of your Pokémon will receive XP from chatting, be used in battles, or given the items that you buy from the in-game shop for example. To select a Pokémon, use the p!select <number> command. This number is the number given to a Pokémon in your collection and can be found by using the p!pokemon command.