Getting Started

Pokébest the only Pokémon bot you will ever need for your discord server. Catch, Trade and Collect your favorite Pokémons, play battles and many more.
Just added our Pokébest bot or just started playing the Pokémon game? Pokébest is very easy-to-use fun bot with better features than the competition. Our developers did an awesome job in creating this bot. So let’s get started, in order to start your Pokémon journey like every other player you have to pick a starter Pokémon. You can do this by executing the p!start command which will ask you to pick a starter Pokémon by using p!pick <Pokémon> you can pick your first starter pokémon. Now you’ve done that you can go ahead and use the p!info command to see it! This command will display your Pokémon's stats, level, and XP progress towards the next level.